At the Inanna Women’s Empowerment Foundation (IWEF), our principal strategy is to provide professional support and financial aid through our headquarters in Lagos and our branch office at Enugu, Nigeria to Africa women anywhere on the motherland continent. Through strategic partnerships, IWEF provides a range of life-changing services including:

Legal Aid

Legal services for women who cannot afford to hire an attorney, with a focus on violent crimes, sexual crimes, child custody and adoption, wills and estates, and residential tenancy issues.

Health Care and Nutrition

Medical care, nutritional supplements, and dietary counseling for women and children who cannot afford standard healthcare services.

Vocational Skill Training

Training for women in various industries that will empower them with the skills for employment, entrepreneurship, or self-sufficiency.

Business Aid

Business planning assistance and microloans for female entrepreneurs, with the focus on singles mothers and widows.


To inform the public about our programs; solicit support for our activities; inform women how to benefit from our programs; and educate the public about important women and children’s issues.

Educational Aid

Financial aid to female students in need, to assist them in achieving their educational goals.

Child Rescue

Rescue, rehabilitation, and foster care for orphans and endangered children.

Disaster Assistance

Provision of aid to communities experiencing crises and natural disasters.

Career Counseling

Assisting women in choosing a career path, drafting a career plan, and achieving their career goals.

Employment Assistance

Assisting women in finding employment.